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List of 8 Best Online Shopping App

List of 8 Best Online Shopping App
Online Shopping is slowly growing in India. There are a large number of online shopping portals out there. It’s indeed a difficult task to figure out which site is reliable and which is not. Here we are listing out India’s Top 8 Online Shopping Web Application to help you take the right decision in choosing which one to go with. Today, a large number of people want to purchase everything from online.
It becomes very easy to buy anything and everything you want because they provide facility like pay online, cash on delivery and home delivery facilities, shopping for the best thing – be it a gadget or clothing – has now become a less hectic job.

Best 8 Online Shopping Websites in India

1. Flipkart

Flipkart is the best website for online shopping in India. The entire country is completely dependent on Flipkart for nearly all their shopping needs. In fact, statistics claim that there are more items on Flipkart than in a mall. Hence, Indians are heavily reliant on Flipkart for all their shopping needs. Flipkart sells everything from gift vouchers to electronics to home appliances. Offers and discounts along with free home delivery for the purchase of goods above a certain amount is another plus point of Flipkart. Another thing about Flipkart is that it never disappoints you.
Buy From Flipkart: Click Here

2. Amazon

The global online marketing leader is my personal favorite – Amazon. A large number of people from India swear by the services of Amazon. Amazon has an equally large number of products as Flipkart. Better shopping experience, consistency, lesser scams, better customer service, and overall a great pleasure. Finding products on Amazon is super easy and checking out is easier. Agree that they might not be as “popular” as Flipkart, but considering my experience with them, they are better than Flipkart in most cases.
Buy From Amazon: Click Here

3. Snapdeal

Snapdeal is a completely Indian website and is often preferred by the masses for its cheap rates. India’s Ultimate Online Shopping Site Snapdeal’s vision is to create India’s most reliable and frictionless commerce ecosystem that creates life-changing experiences for buyers and sellers. It sells products at really low prices and hence, is a favorite of the masses. It is a good idea to buy from Snapdeal if you are looking for absolutely cheap prices.
Buy From SnapDeal: Click Here

4. eBay

Ebay.in is the Indian version of the International online marketplace, ebay.com. eBay has a wide range of used and brand new products from footwear to electronic gadgets, all under one roof. One good thing about eBay is that it promotes small businesses and passionate individual businesses as well, as it allows buying products directly from vendors. eBay makes sure that the vendors are trustworthy, hence making the site pretty much reliable.
Buy From eBay: Click Here

5. Jabong

‘Fashion’ is definitely more accessible with Jabong.com. Jabong is again an American brand but seems to be doing very well in India. Launched in 2012, it got the highest traffic within one year. It has all kinds of products from western wear to desi Kurtis and it would be fun to sit home and shop for clothes on Jabong. The website has discounts and offers too for all the listed products. Jabong is excessively preferred by women shoppers. Jabong is undoubtedly a favorite place for people who love new fashion trends. The main attraction is that the shipping of products comes for free.
Buy From Jabong: Click Here

6. Myntra

Myntra.com is yet again an online fashion store. An equally large number of women favor Myntra over Jabong. Myntra also has a large number of accessories and clothes on its online portal. Myntra offers apparels, watches, bags and a lot more for discounted prices. Casual wear, ethnic wear, party wear, formal wear, sportswear and other apparels for men, women, and kids are available for various prices and fashions in Myntra.com.
Buy From Myntra: Click Here

7. Shopclues

Shopclues is famous for their heavily discounted best shopping deals. Shopclues one of the best and the fastest growing online shopping websites in India. Shopclues is one of the best online stores that offer a wide variety of Mobile, cameras, Computer accessories, Jewellery, Cosmetics, Gift, toys, clothes, books, and bag. For those who love to have a high-quality shopping experience, this is one of the best virtual places to beat, which involves reliable, genuine and real stuff.
Buy From Shopclues: Click Here

8. Paytm Mall

Started just as mobile recharge app, now Paytm become the Indian Alibaba. Paytm offers cashback with the discounts, that makes it different from other shopping sites in India. Provides a number of services like mobile recharge, bill payments, tickets etc. along with a variety of generic products. Sometimes such cashback makes a big difference and saves your extra money.
Buy From Paytm: Click Here

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Isaimini | Tamil Movies download , Tamil HD 1080p Movies Free Download


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Isaimini | Tamil Movies download , Tamil HD 1080p Movies Free Download

Hello friends If you also want to download tamil movies and want to know about isiamini, then you should read this article carefully

Isaimini is a public torrent website which leaks tamil movies online. Isaimini website uploads the pirated versions of tamil,

Isaimini is one of the most famous websites for downloading full Tamil movies and also dubbed Tamil movies.Isaimini is a wap base website,

 I mean its wap not web so if you are opening this website on your phone then it’s going to be the good experience. You can also open this website on PC

If we talk about Tamil films, then it is not only in India, but in other countries it has been positive reviews of the audiences

If we talk about downloading Tamil films then the first name comes in isaimini's friends. This is a repository of Tamil films. In Isaimini, you will find all tamil movies from A to Z

Isaimini tamil movies

1. You can also download Tamil HD movies in friends isamini

2. And there is a collection of all Tamil films along with friends

3. In Friends Isaimini you will get download link of all tamil movies from A to Z, whether it is 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014 ...etc.

Isaimini tamil movies download

4. In Friends Isaimini, you can also enjoy Tamil dubbed and Hollywood dub films. If friends talk about Isaimini's alexa rank, its world rank is 13565, then it is 948 that is the Indian rank.

5. Isaimini's top five country visitor and her Alexa rank are shown in the chart below and the official link of Isaimini is given below.

Country     Visitors            Rank in Country

India               79.0%                         948

Sri Lanka     3.0%                            551

Qatar              2.9%                          1,241
Kuwait            2.0%                         1,064

United Arab    1.9%                      1,820

site link - isaimini

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New Tamil Movies | how to Tamil HD Movies Download

New tamil movies - if you are looking for ''tamil movies download'' then this is the right plase to findeout ''tamil HD movie download'' 

Hello friends If you had to face any problem in downloading Tamil movies then today you will not have to face any problem because through this article, 

New Tamil Movies | how to Tamil HD Movies Download

I will tell you about the top 5 websites You will be able to see all the movies of Tamil Movies and you can download them.

The original Tamil movie section has the lists of movies arranged according to year. There is also a section to download movies specifically for mobile phones, which is of lower.
New Tamil Movies | how to Tamil HD Movies Download

I promise you that I will show you the best Tamil movies download sites.
You agree with me if I say you are facing trouble on finding Tamil movies download sites.

New Tamil Movies Top 5 List

1. Tamil Rockers :

Want a new Tamil movie download? This the right site.
The name comes first in this list, friends of Tamil Rockers are a very popular site that allows us to download Tamil Hindi dubbed movies. You can find tons of Tamil movies here, where Tamil movie download is free. Also, we can search movies according to year.

LinkTamil Rockers.

2. Isaimini :

When you visit this site you will find movies, shows, songs and more. All are in a single place, worth visiting this site. Isaimini is a download website that has a huge collection of movies available for download for free. It is a Tamil movie website, that has not only original Tamil movies but also other movies dubbed in Tamil.

Link: Isaimini.  ( Type same to the same name )

3. Cool Tamil HD :

The name comes third in this list, friends of Cool Tamil HD are a very popular site We will find hundreds of Tamil movies in this site. According to the genre, we can select movies like action, adventure, crime, drama etc.

Link : CoolTamilHD .

4. Cute Tamil :

If you love to see old Tamil movies this is the right place. We will find HD movies here. Other than movies we can play songs too.

Link : CuteTamil

5. Tamil D Box :

The name comes third in this list, friends of Tamil D Box are a very popular site For new Tamil movies watch online you can visit this site. You will find hundreds of movies along with tv shows. We can select movies according to alphabetic.

Link : Tamil D box


                         how to make money online. best methods for 2019

                         What is Google Adsense? And how does it work?

                         How to earn money from Google AdSense.

                          How to create a free blog/website.

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what is Google Adwords? how does google adwords work

Many new bloggers are not aware of what is google adwords are. After reading this post, you will also be familiar with how does google adwords work

"Adwords" is Google's online advertising service, where advertisers pay money and Google advertises their business to the right people

The special thing about Adwords is that you have to pay money only when the visitor takes any action on your business ad, interacting with it
Such as click on the website or call

You can advertise your business by Google with the budget you want
What kinds of ads can you show through Adwords, we will look forward to this post.
Google AdWords also makes money and bloggers from adsense

google adwords


1 How to show ad by Adwords
2 Google Adwords Network Types and Information
2.1 Search Ads
2.2 Display Ads
2.3 Video Ads
2.4 Shopping Ads
2.5 Universal App Campaign
3 Google Adwords  Benifits
4 Conclusion

How can 1 advertisements show ads?

The special feature of Adwords is that you can show ads to targeted visitors
There are lots of things in Adwords Through which you can reach the right people
 What is Google Adwords and how it works

Google Adsense on Search Ads, Display Ads, Video Ads, App Ads, Shopping Ads

2 Google Adwords Network Types and Information

Adwords has given means to deliver advertising to every user even if the user is searching something in Google, using mobile aap or watching video on youtube
You can show your business ad to users by running Campaign through Adwords
Let's see what campaign types are in AdWords Ads


These ads appear in the google search engine where you have to pay a cost per click Google

You have to choose a keyword and when you search in the keyword google then Ads can bring visitors to your website.

You can give your business phone number, you will be charged only when the visitor calls you or visits your website.
 What is Google Adwords and how it works

Writing 'Ad' in the above image is the ads shown by adwords and show after the organic results ads

You will see the introduction of Call in the image below.

This introduction is known as the advertiser's phone no. If given, search from your mobile shows in Ad

 What is Google Adwords and how it works

What is the first position on Google which will appear on Google below it is the ranking system for keyword, bid, landing page quality, etc.

Apart from the Standard Campaign in these Campians you can use Special Campaign
Such as Dynamic ads, Call to business ads, Mobile app promotion ads
Let us know Campaign's Special Campaign features

Dynamic ads- This is a great feature of adwords. Suppose your company gives service to 'Hotel online book'. Now anyone has searched in 'Book hotel in goa' google, Google will automatically generate headline (will prepare) this keyword will be displayed in 'Book hotel in goa' and after clicking on the ad, visitor to goa hotels The page on which the page will be displayed. But for this you must have goa hotels page on your site only if Google will show this result

Call Only Ads- Business calls to call instead of visiting visitor landing page as soon as visitors click on this ads campaign. If this campaign is run by an ambulance service then the call will be taken as it is better to go to this site than book it

Mobile App Promotion - In this, you can promote your Mobile App by promoting downloads, on Search, Display or YouTube Network
Call Only Ads is available only in Search Ads on the above mentioned campaign
Others can be run on special campaign, Search, Display and Video Ads networks.


Display Ads are being used in Millions websites and a lot of mobile apps. With this, you can promote your business well and get a new customer.
You will usually see ads banner, text ads on a website, in content interstitial or sidebar, etc. They are called Display Ads.
 What is Google Adwords and how it works
People who use Adsense on their website. Advertisers of advertisers are shown on their websites by adwords

Dislpay Ads can also show in Mobile App
You can also give your business ad on a specific (resident) mobile app
Apart from this, display ads can also show on Gmail
In these advertisements, you select keywords and ads are displayed on related websites. Like a company wants to advertise fairness cream
The advertisement of that cream will appear on a blog with beauty tips
Or you want to show advertisements to old visitors, then they can
Or with the help of user's search history, display ads can also be shown. It depends on you.


                         how to make money online. best methods for 2019

                         What is Google Adsense? And how does it work?

                         How to earn money from Google AdSense.

                          How to create a free blog/website.


The special thing about video ads is that you have to pay money only when users will see your full ad
Meaning you do not have interest in your bussiness, you do not have to pay money
You must see advertise before video starts on YouTube
 What is Google Adwords and how it works

This is called video ad, shown by adwords

Video ads can be shown on YouTube as well as on Google partner sites. And display networks such as Apps and more

There are also types of video ads such as Stream Ads, discovery ads, bumper ads
Stream Ads - Skipping Skip is a favorite in this ad after showing the video 5 seconds. Video is required to pay the full view of 30 seconds or to the advertiser, or otherwise. Before 30 sec click on links given in the video, you will also have to pay

Discovery Ads- This thumbnail is shown in this ad format only. When someone clicks on thumbnail then the money is charged. These ads are shown with Youtube search page, home page, related videos on youtube

Bumper Ads - This ad format does not favor skipping the video. This is a short video that can be used for brand awareness. Here is the cost per impressions (CPM), the money you pay is only when 1000 impressions are available to your ad, that means when thousands of people will see.


Shopping ads are very good for retailers

This is a great way to traffic lanes on your product site. There is also more potential for buying a product

With the text here, along with the product's pic, price, store name, etc. The show is shown below shopping ads.

 What is Google Adwords and how it works

If you have to run these ads for your product, then you have to create an account in Google Merchant Center and then link the account with adwords


Here Mobile App is promoted everywhere
Like search result, playstore, display network, youtube The universal app campaign to increase more installalls for the app is a great star
 What is Google Adwords and how it works

This google adwords ne campaign type is given. In which you will pay money when the app is installed
Or if there is an action in an app when the app is installed
Like singup Vagera This is called cost per action


Good for Google Adwords Business Owners is a great way to increase awareness of your brand
Traffic is your target, i.e. the person is interested to see the ad. (Such as in search ads)

Advertisers in Google Adwords can target Geo i.e. you can show your ads in a particular place.
Adwords gives you the choice of the time from which time to show ads,

With Google's help without SEO, you can show your business site at top results. (But yes, money is paid in Adwods and SEO results are free of cost.)

You can do remarketing with the help of adwords. That is, if a visitor has visited your site and you have not taken your product, then you can show it ad so that it purchases your product.
Budget you can do more than ever

With the help of Adwords, you can target the logo of a specific language, etc.


So friends in this post I told what is adwords and how it works
If you have a product of Adwords, then Bottle is more beneficial.

If you are a regular blogger, by doing social media or by doing SEO, doing good in organic results can increase your site's traffic.

And from Adsense or affilate can also earn good money
If you have any questions about Adwords, then definitely ask kar
And share this post with your fellow bloggers so they know about Adwords too.

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how to make money online. best methods for 2019

how to make money online. best methods for 2019

how to make money online. best methods for 2019

Hello friends Welcome to technical Badhak. I am anointing to give information about how you will earn money online in this post.

OK be glad that you can gain as much cash as you can from a vocation or business, or acquire more than ordinary pay on the web? 

There are such a large number of approaches to procure cash online In all the manners in which you can not gain a great deal of cash, but rather yes your financial plan will be sufficient to acquire to such an extent. 

What's more, there are different manners by which you can win as much cash as you can acquire in any activity or business on the web (that technique is additionally my undisputed top choice)
In this way, I will talk about with you today in this post.

Profit Online is a subject in which we can work through the web.

1 Contents

1. Earn Money On Internet
2. Earn With Google Adsense
3. Affiliate Marketing
4. Online Paid Survey
5. Internet Freelancing
6. Online Photo Selling

1. Earn Money On Internet

 Yor require the endeavours to win cash on the web
It isn't so much asana that in the event that you attempt a portion of the techniques portrayed underneath, at that point you will begin winning cash promptly, yet you can win cash all around depicted beneath.
Only a smidgen you'll possess to give energy for these things and once you will figure out how to gain cash from the web, I guarantee that you will leave this activity barely.

So how about we perceive how to do this

2. Earn With Google Adsense

On the off chance that you are a customary peruser of my blog, you will think about it
In the event that you don't know at that point let me educate you regarding google adsense.
Adsense is Google's item with the assistance of which you can win cash on the web.
You can blog for winning from Adsense or you can acquire from Youtube.


In the blogging, you need to compose a post which is utilized by individuals
Step by step you will take your blog to a decent level, at that point your blog will begin to like individuals and you can acquire a significant decent pay by demonstrating promotions on your site/blog. In blogging, you can work low maintenance/full time (this is my most loved approach to acquire cash on the web)
Another approach to gain cash from AdSense is to reveal to me YouTube.


You can win cash from adsense by transferring recordings on Youtube.
For this, you can transfer recordings as per educational, engaging or whatever your ability or intrigue is.

You can gain cash by adsense which comes in adsense by video.


                         What is Google Adsense? And how does it work?

                         How to earn money from Google AdSense.

                          How to create a free blog/website.


Affiliate marketing You have to sell a product on your blog or website. When you sell a product you are commissioned from it.

For this, you have to sing up to affiliate networks like Amazon, Flipkart, Commission

After that you will get a special link to sell a product. You can sell that product by promoting it on your website.

This method of earning all the money from affiliate marketing is very good.

This is my personal favorite way too.

Bloggers are doing extremely well in this manner.

You will also need a blog to sell affiliate product.

Without selling a blog, you can do whatsaap, facebook, email send. But I would suggest you to create a great blog and sell that affiliate product as this is a great way.


Online Survey This is the manner in which you can make tracks in an opposite direction from your little cost so much wage.
The organization does the study to enhance its item and administration. In this study, you can get as much input from the general population, criticism and acquire some motivating force sum from each overview.
Organizations profit by these studies, so the organization runs overviews with the end goal to enhance or offer their item. Each overview has a particular measure of $ 1, $ 5 and so forth.

Be that as it may, companions are amazed to have bunches of study destinations trick. So sing up with locales of a trusted and trustworthy study.

Read the term and condition alongside notoriety with the goal that you can know different things like paying for a total instalment or for which nation.

Get more insight about any locally established work done on the web with the goal that you don't get caught in any trick.
Particularly the instalment framework


Web-based Freelancing is another great method to win a living home.

In this, you need to administration and you can choose the measure of your administration, that is how much cash you need to take.

In it, you can give numerous administrations to the logo like substance author, visual originator, web architecture, video supervisor. On the off chance that you are apt in any style, obviously, you can gain cash from this.

There are famous sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, where you can begin this work by singing.

In Fiverr you can win in any event $ 5 dollars of a request. You are paid after the request is finished.

Regardless of how many functions you get, your client needs to convey on time and you get the instalment simply after conveyance.


To Sell Online Photos You Must Have The Art To Remove Great Pics
The speciality of getting your photograph is great so you can win cash by offering your photographs on the web.

A few destinations are Shutterstock, Photobucket, Fotolia, for example, you can transfer photographs that you have been presented to.

What's more, when you purchase your photographs, you will get the cash.
You Nature, Places, Dishes, and so forth. For example, pics online can be sold on the web.

In it, you can likewise choose the cost of your photograph. On the off chance that you are a decent picture taker at that point unquestionably sing up with such destinations where your ability is getting cash.


So companions in this post we perceived how to win cash on the web. In the event that you work with the finish and precise data on the web, obviously, you can win from a locally established additional cash gaining strategy which ends up being a little cost.

On the off chance that you are considering winning more cash then adsense and partner must be seen.

Regardless of whether you are an understudy or a vocation, be a house spouse or your age, you can work with your PC/PC and gain a decent winning and the most vital thing is that the children who work online get included with deceitful cheats.